School Profile


Mountain View Elementary has over 750 students in PreK-grade 5 across 41 homeroom classrooms. We are a school deeply committed to equity and “doing whatever it takes” to connect with our students and families so they are successful. This fall, we will be rewriting our mission, vision, and value statements in support of our goals of equity and educational excellence for all students through learning partnerships that build on our collective strengths.


Mountain View Elementary, formerly known as Paul H. Cale Elementary, was built in 1990 on Avon St. Extended in Albemarle County to accommodate continued growth in our student enrollment.  Most of its first class of staff and students transferred into the building from the former Rose Hill Elementary School.  The first principal was Gerald L. Terrell. 
Among the significant events in the history of Mountain View Elementary School have been:


1996 - Sue Newman was added as the first assistant principal to accommodate the growing number of students
1998 - "D pod" classrooms were added
2001 - Matthew Landahl appointed principal 
2007 - Lisa (“DeeDee”) Jones appointed principal and "E pod" added 12 more classrooms 
2012 - School becomes the first in the division to offer Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES) in Spanish
2014 - School becomes the first in the division to offer a two-way Spanish Immersion Program
2019 - Cyndi Wells appointed principal 
2020 - Name was changed to Mountain View Elementary to align with Albemarle County Public Schools values. The name was suggested and selected by the students, and officially adopted by the School Board.